View and customize ASCII art included /etc/issue files

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tulizu is a pure bash script to view and switch getty issue files. Furthermore it may helpful at the creation process of such an issue file when there are ASCII arts included.

For this purpose tulizu uses its own tizu file format which allows to set options for different kind of resulting issue file.

tulizu is shipped with a modest collection of ASCII art issue/tizu files ready to use for Arch Linux users and some samples for other systems.

You are cordially invited to include your fancy issue/tizu file to tulizu to help to build a nice data base of issue/tizu files.

It’s name, if it is not clear, is a quibble of ‘issue tool’ and is in such to be pronounced contracted like ‘toolishoo’.

Last version is 0.2 released Okt, 2017

Available Issues For Systems


These shots are here to give you an idea what you will get. They are slightly faked to become more handy. So don’t be curious if you can’t reproduce the exact output.

A brief glimpse of the collection

Brief Glimpse

List available files matching “arch*tizu”

List Files

Show details of files

List Info

Show variations of files using different color settings


tulizu with tbsm

That’s how my screen looks after login ready to go with tbsm.

tulizu with tbsm

Further Readings

All details about tulizu you can find in the doc directory.



Arch users find it in AUR

From Source

cd into the downloaded source tree and simply run:

sudo make install

To remove run:

sudo make uninstall

Post Install Tasks

It may wise to run:

tulizu doc man

If you only want to pick one of the shipped files for your pleasure, it’s save to uninstall tulizu afterwards.


GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.0