A pure bash session or application launcher. Inspired by cdm, tdm and krunner

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tbsm is an application or session launcher, written in pure bash with no ncurses or dialog dependencies. It is inspired by cdm, tdm, in some way by krunner and related.

It was attempted to design the behavior of tbsm to be as less pesky as possible, and to start daily tasks with as less key strokes.

Furthermore is there the possibility to customize his look by themes.

Supports Xorg as well as Wayland sessions.

Last version is 0.7, Nov 2022

Release Notes

c69bc18 - runSession: detect DBUS_SESSION_ADDRESS
          Thanks to Victor for this DBUS/Wayland fix
4e8ad87 - Drop not needed option when using ln command
d6e8982 - Make check if running in tty more fuzzy ...
          With these two we try to be more BSD compatible
56ec23b - Use colon as path separator in sessionPfads string
          CAUTION! if you have used that in your config!
9c3a661 - Manual: Add a hint how to add a shell session to the menu

Older release notes are here.

The full changelog is there.


These shots are here to give you an idea what you will get. Don’t worry, even if the pictures are a bit antique, they are still up to date, except for the version number you can read there.

tbsm with tulizu

That’s how my login screen looks after a while with an issue file of tulizu and the default tbsm theme.


gently theme after a while giving a hint


austere theme after return with quick menue


riddler theme





The official package by author can be found in AUR.


No official package, but one or more provided by dedicated users.

From Source

In most cases simply cd into the downloaded source tree and run:


Read what is offered and run the command of your choice with root-power.

However, should you be on a non GNU system, or using a somehow special distribution which only has a BusyBox, please see here.

Post Install Tasks

Read the manual, section 3- and 4- how to autostart and configure tbsm, by running:

tbsm doc man

Independent Forks - Community Contributions


GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.0